How to Guide for First Time House Buyers

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by emeryc

As you prepare to buy your first house, there is a lot to learn. Often, people spend more time chosing what LCD television to buy than they will on their particular home. Sure, they may look at many houses before making a buying decision, but how much research did they do about that particular home before they bought that real estate?

When buying a TV, you do your homework, read reviews, visit discussion forums and compare models.

Then you narrow it down and choose the model with the features you want at the price you want to pay.

With houses, the comparison is not so simple. There are no comparisons that you can download from the Internet preloaded with information to help you compare two different houses side-by-side. Even if they were out there, it may provide basics – taxes, lot size, etc., but you would still want to do your own comparison to make sure the information is accurate AND to compare dozens of attributes inside the home.

First, educate yourself on the house purchase procedures. Visit and download the free guide that talks about the home purchasing process. Read through this guide – a 100 page PDF – a excellent guide for buying a home.

Next, decide on your neighborhood. If you’re purchasing Commack real estate, for example, be ready to compare several homes. Don’t just walk through, look around and then try to remember the details days and weeks later. Prepare checklists (examples are included in the guide you can download) that you should take to each house you see. Take notes of the number of bedrooms, the size of the rooms, the layout of the kitchen, appliances and more. Look at the property. Is it attractive?

Does it need to be redone? These are questions that you not only need to ask, but also need to track.

You may set up a spreadsheet using Excel-were you easily create a chart on a piece of paper with a ruler. On the left side, make a list of all of the attributes that you may find in the home. If you want a master bedroom plus 4 more, list those.

Drop columns going down the page, one for each home.

Taking notes in the corresponding box for every house so you can sit back after looking at many homes and make a good comparison.

One of the ways that home purchase get themselves in trouble – typcially first-time home buyers – is that they fall in love with the home and oversight the issues.

These issues start popping up on the week that you move-in and, at that point, it’s generally too late to deal with them.

How do you avoid these problems? Well, with new construction you will have less problems. Why? Because the house is new. What usually runs better, a brand-new car or a 11-year-old car? The answer is undeniable. All problems can of course occur with the new car, they’re far more likely with the used. The same thing applies to homes. The older the house is, the more likely that you will have issues. New homes, while priced marginally higher, can generally have far fewer issues.

For example, with Manorwood Estates in Commack New York, a small development with energy Star certified houses, all houses are newly built. You can examine during construction to make sure that things are going as expected. Once completed, these houses – built to energy Star specifications – can have few issues if any. If they do, you’re still in contact with the builder who is given a warranty on the house. As issues arise, contact the builder who can promptly correct them for you.

Don’t minimize the value of the warranties, including warranties on the appliances. If you move into a older house with a 15-year-old refrigerator and that refrigerator quickly dies, your only solution is to go purchase a new refrigerator. If your home has a new refrigerator with a warranty, it should be fixed at no cost to you.

As you go forward, educate yourself. Read the guide. Build checklists of questions and features and bring them with you to every home you look at. Write down everything. In the end, it can aid you objectively find the ideal house for you and your family.

Article by Craig Axelrod, represents Emmy Homes, which is one of LI’s premier real estate builders. Their Commack real estate features new construction in Commack. Visit for information.