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Xanten – Kriemhildmühle 02
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Image by Daniel Mennerich
The Kriemhil Mill is a historical windmill in Xanten and the only mill of the Lower Rhine which is pursued daily.

It was built as a part of the Xantener city fortification in the form of a watch-tower at the end of the 14th. century. The towers which were strongly damaged in to 1648 durable Thirty Years’ War served up to the end of the seven-year war 1763 as a living space for employees of the town. Thus it was called the Kriemhildmühle at that time "night guard tower", because there the night watchmen of the town had been quartered.

In the future the towers for cost reasons were sold and torn off to large parts by the buyers. In 1778 the postguard’s tower was sold to the businessman Gerhard Schless who allowed to renew the walls of the tower and furnished a summer house in the tower. In 1804 he altered the tower to an oil mill in the form of a 19.3-m-high windmill. Soon afterwards he sold the mill to a miller on which the Kriemhildmühle became a grain mill and later in the possession of the city of Xanten reached. In 1843 the demolition of the mill and the nearby Klever of gate was rejected by the Xantener town council, after before already large parts of the city fortification had been torn off.

Since 1992 bread is baked in the mill again and is sold directly there as well as at weekly markets in the surroundings. The mill can be visited during the opening times.

Their name owes the Kriemhildmühle Kriemhild from the Nibelungensage. A mill which Siegfried von Xantens carried for the names also existed, nevertheless, this does not operate any more.